Andirons, sometimes called firedogs, are a decorative way to hold wood logs in a fireplace and keep the logs off the ground for better air circulation. We carry many different styles of andirons in a variety of finishes. Represented here are a few of the andirons we sell. We carry the complete line of our manufacturer’s andirons.

We have also designed and created our own fine quality, hand-made, custom fireplace andirons called Okell’s Originals™. We are proud to feature these one-of-a-kind works of functional art to our customers. There are no two pieces alike as many are hand-forged, and have the oneness of their color and detail. Okell’s Originals™ products are limited in production, signed originals, available exclusively through Okell’s Fireplace in San Francisco.

We also service your fireplace.

Maintaining the health of your chimney and flue is key in it’s efficiency and safety.

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